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Building a website may be an overwhelming and difficult task at first, but with necessary solutions, you will be able to get rid of the anxiety and stress completely.

Are you going to build your own professional website that will help you to grow your business? If the answer is “YES”, then we are here to assist. From the price up to the selection of different templates to help you find the best website layout and build an ideal design that will perfectly suit all your needs. We are one of the best website builders that are always ready to get you started.

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– No matter what your business or passion is. At SlowBanana you are able to choose the perfect layout with features you’ll love

– There are more than 150 creative website designs, including music, bakery, photography, online store, business and more. Each of them is flexible, user attractive and responsive

– Thanks to a wide selection of website layouts, you are able to choose the one that will perfectly suit your brand. What is more, you are always able to change it, if there is a need. What is more important, you can do this for FREE! Do not wait any more! Just try one of our layouts and change them whenever you want! No payments required. Cool, isn’t it?

– Text, photo gallery, portfolio, google map, contact form and 50+ other

– At SlowBanana we offer our clients cheap website builder. Get great option of package elements at small prices. All our customers get started for FREE! If there is a need, they pay only the price that suits their business needs (due to the package characteristics)

– You are able to choose your brand domain name for FREE! Various types of domain extensions are gathered here

– You have not to learn HTML/CSS coding or read long, boring tutorials. There are just a few steps in order to make your own website

It starts at euro 8,- per month.


This package starts at euro 8 per month. It includes the free domain name, free hosting, free layout design (150+ layouts), free modules (50+ modules), free support, one page only, but no blog. This package may perfectly suit you if your goal is to build just one page and do not want to have your own blog.

If you want more you pay a little extra. Cool right?


This package starts at euro 12 per month. It includes free domain name, free hosting, free layout design (150+ layouts), free modules (50+ modules), free support, unlimited pages, and blog. This medium package offers more options than the small one. In case your goal is to build more than one page and make your website user attractive, then this package is what you need.


If you need a custom plan, custom design, custom functions, e-commerce, then this is what you need. Drag and drop anything! With our simple website builder, you do not need to know the code in order to make your website look the way you want. Contact us and we will do all the work for you!

Website Builders for Who?

Website builders are the best solution for individuals, small businesses or those who have no time or not enough budgeting. It is the best solution for businesses, as it does not require hiring professional developers. You don’t have time to learn HTML, CSS, and PHP, do you? If so, then website builders are what will help you with this issue.

With the help of our online website builder, you will be able to create a stunning website in a matter of minutes. In case your goal is to build a great and beautiful blog, a professional website to attract new clients or a high-converting eCommerce store, then we are here to assist. Be sure, without website builder, you will not only save a pretty penny but also make the process of website building easy and stress-free.

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Text, photo
gallery, portfolio
google map,
contact form
and 50+ other

Building a Website Has Never Been Easier

Building a successful website is not an easy task. You should not only take into account social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. More important is if you want to have a strong Internet presence that truly represents you and your organization, then you need a great website that will set you apart from the crowd.

A real website will provide you with complete control over design and content. It will lead to increasing credibility to your business, personal brand or organization. A dedicated website will make your business more trustworthy as well as authoritative.

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What Will You Get From Us?

We will provide you with all the necessary tools that you need to create your own website. Great collection of website designs will help you to imagine how exactly your website should look alike. Slowbanana will help you with your unique business needs. No matter the size of your budget is. We offer three types of packages, so you are able to choose the one that is right for you. With the help of our award winning templates, you will be able to present your ideas in the most attractive and beautiful way. You are able to make your website design with customizable settings, including colors, fonts, and page configurations. Moreover, all the templates offered at our website work for all devices, no matter whether it is a desktop or a mobile device. Thus, the one thing you have to do is to design your website once. Do you want to create a unique website design but do not know where to start? Do not worry. We will take into considerations all your needs and requirements. Our team of experienced web designers will create a unique, award-winning website design to provide your business with inevitable success and growth.

Just try Slowbanana today!  We have a deep knowledge and are ready to help you any time you need!

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