About us

SlowBanana is a website builder that provides you with the best services to build your own website, get your domain name and choose the most beautiful layout designs. You get everything in our attractive packages that cost almost NOTHING!
SlowBanana was created for those who have no web development background or have no technical experience concerning buying a domain name, getting a hosting, coding, configuring and publishing websites.

The idea behind SlowBanana is to help you getting easily your own website for almost NOTHING. We want to motivate those who want to start their own business online with very low budget, promote and grow their business and showcase their professional talents.
SlowBanana’s global base takes 3rd party services like WordPress, hosting and domain name services, page editor plugins and merges them to make it easy for everyone to create a stunning and professional website.
No need for coding experience or a technical background. All you need is to select the layout design you love the most, create your domain name and start editing.
SlowBanana was built by worldwide professional web-developers to get used by people from all over the world. Our wonderful team based in Viborg, Denmark is really happy to accompany you during your journey and help you to be free to express yourself and showcase your professional skills.

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