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At SlowBanana we love when our customers build great websites at small prices. They all get started for FREE and only pay the price that fits their business. Just like you.


usd 8,-

Free domain Name
Free hosting
Free layout design (150+ layouts)
Free modules (50+ modules )
Free support
One page only
No blog


usd 12,-

Free domain Name
Free hosting
Free layout design (150+ layouts)
Free modules (50+ modules )
Free support
Unlimited pages



Custom plan?
Custom design?
Custom functions?
E-commerce ?

Pick the stuff you like, get a price and we will do the work

Website Design Packages

When choosing the website design package to keep in mind that your main task is to create the best impression on users. Because on this impression will depend on whether the user will remain on your site or go away and never return. Your main task is in the first seconds to gain the attention of the user. You have to make the website design of your company a pleasant, convenient and memorable one. Website purchase is a responsible matter. SlowBanana is the best website builder and it allows you to build your website very easy.

Stunning and Professional Layouts

You can use all the modules and layouts, which you like with SlowBanana. There is a big range of layouts that are made for you. SlowBanana will help you to create own website within a couple of clicks. There are 3 variants of website packages. You can choose Euro 8, Euro 12 or Special One. Website price and plan price are available for everyone.

Website Design Package Euro 8?

More than 150 stunning and professional layouts are in your accept. Moreover, you have the opportunity to change it whenever you want and, of course, this is free. If you do not want to have a personal blog and you need only one page then Euro 8 is a perfect choice for you. This type of package includes a free domain name, free hosting, free support, and free modules.

Website Design Package Euro 12?

If you want your website to look more professional and you want more than one page then you should choose Euro 12. A blog will make your website more interesting and more visited. A good thing is that there are unlimited pages. You can create as many pages as you need. This website package includes a free domain name, free hosting and, of course, free support. Besides, more than 150 layout design and 50 modules are available and they are free.

Website Design Package Special One?

If you are looking for a unique website design package and plan then Special One is for you. SlowBanana will adopt the website to your own needs. Special One will provide you with a custom plan, design, and functions. You can choose all yourself including website plan, design, and modules. You just need to pick the stuff that you like. After that, you get a price and then we are ready to work. SlowBanana will try to make your website as convenient for users as it possible.

As you can see, there is a big variety of website packages. Every package has some specialties. You need to understand which one is the most suitable for you. Do you need a small website or a unique one with unlimited pages and special plan, design, and functions? Do not doubt that we will provide you with the best service. Only when a website is visited, then it will be easy to say that the time and money spent on a website package, plan and site development, in general, have really been spent for a reason! With SlowBanana you will see that very soon.